"Tension in the latter half of the story

is palpable.  Possibly my favourite part is

the lead-up to the last letter.  The dialogue

is ominous and leaves the reader 

on the edge of their seat."

"5 of 5 Stars"


A story about Vincent's evolution from
journeyman artist to creative genius.

Discover the unexpected. 

His friends.

His lover.

His sense of humour. 

And the ever-present pressure
to become an Anarchist.

"I'm painting with the gusto of a person
from Marseille eating bouillabaisse."

"According to van Gogh,

the whole Pranzini affair was hatched

at Le Tambourine."

 A unique blend of narration,

prose, and dialogue. 

"Adams has transcended the limits

of historical fiction."